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About the Artist

Whether creating a painting of a landscape, figure or abstract, Todd strives to create an object that can stand on its own. He does not intentionally try to create multiple items that follow a theme. His pieces are a result of his expression and interpretation of the concept at the time he is creating.

Todd's landscape paintings are created on site (au plein air), and has taken every opportunity to portray the culture and scenery as he has traveled. Paintings are completed over many days, only fine-tuning is accomplished back at the studio.

Because of Todd's method, the viewer may notice the changing light, as well as a perspective that cannot be captured photographically.

Todd's use of the media is not conventional, in that a layering of pigment is employed creating depth and atmosphere.

Todd has been painting using different mediums since 1974. His educational background includes attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to his formal education, he continually evolves as an artist, through his own exploration.